Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pentecost Experience Day in Ledsham Church

Hastings Class spent the day in Ledsham Church yesterday. They were given a short tour by Mrs Jackson who shared some fantastic history facts with us (some horrible!)
 They learnt about different Church Communities from all around the World. Each box the children opened, revealed an interesting glimpse into the life, culture and religious experiences of ordinary people from different countries such as the Ukraine, Bangalore, Brazil and Toledo.

They worked together as a team to build a miniature Church; brick by brick, out of nets of cuboids.

The children developed their sewing skills inspired by the delicate stitch work created by Mrs Bumby, a local resident and friend of the school.

But the most fun was had when the children got the chance to 'test' fly the kites they had made in their teams.............

........even when one got stuck in a tree!!
Thank you to Mrs Jackson, Mrs Sharp, Mrs Taylor and Rev'd Andy for a brilliant day's learning about the significance of the festival of Pentecost