Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Robin visit!

Today a robin popped in for dinner.
It flew into our Nativity scene to look at Baby Jesus. Perhaps a robin was in the stable the night Jesus was born?

It stood in the middle of the stage. The Reception children said it wanted to sing and join in with our Choir.

It hopped onto the piano keys, but just wasn't heavy enough to play any notes!

It perched on the wooden beams above our heads, watching the children eat their dinner.

It could see the trees outside. The robin cocked it's head to one side and looked puzzled. 'How have I ended up in here?' it seemed to say.

'I know... if I fly down and perch on that orange basket, I can pretend to read what is on the menu for tomorrow but really work out how to
'Ha!.....the old bread crumb trick! Works every time!'

'Back safe and sound in my home. What lovely boys and girls!'
Blog Clue just has to be the letter r